Ron Johnwell

When I began this journey with Chuck and his staff in July of 2017 I weighed a steady 210 pounds with a body fat of 29%, at 5.7 that is not a good thing. I have three grand kids, keeping up with them was a challenge to say the least. Our wellness program has not only helped me get in shape, currently I have maintained a steady weight of 190 pounds and at last check I was down to 14% body fat. But the biggest impact on my life has the spiritual health that comes with working with our wellness team, they support you and believe in your goals and really encourage you to believe in your own ability to reach your healthy goals.

Reena Green

What a life changing journey this has been! After years of completing biometric screenings and annual physicals that resulted in being told I was obese, I decided to make a change. My first wellness assessment with Chuck Howard was July 2017. Chuck and his team are amazing; they are literally changing people’s lives. The hands on training, diverse exercise programs, attention to each individual and the challenges have kept me accountable for my weight loss in addition to strengthening and conditioning my overall health. My overall weight loss has been 65 lbs and I’ve dropped 10 dress sizes. The wellness center is inviting, the staff knowledgeable and overall I could never have done it without their support.   I also have a gained 7 pounds of muscle which is excellent for me at my age!!! And I went from 34% body fat to 17%. I fluctuate between 15 to 17% body fat.

Vanessa Garcia

My journey with Chuck and his team of trainers has truly been life changing.  While my weight-loss journey is nowhere near complete, I am thrilled to report that I have lost 70 pounds, 10% body fat, and gained serious motivation. The LOC team provide accountability, community, fun and RESULTS.  They take the time to understand your goals, push you (even when you whine about it) and keep you on track.  I am finding a whole new life in the freedom of being FIT.

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